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I started this journey on June 28, 2018. Since then, I’ve reviewed 7 books, 3 films, 1 documentary, and 1 short story about the serial killer known as the Zodiac. I provided some history about the Zodiac crimes and had a Contest Give Away for Michael Ferguson and Mike Morford’s fantastic book, “The Case of the Zodiac Killer.” Maybe most proudly, I focused on those killed and those who survived, with the hope of giving some insight into who they were beyond the label of “victim.”

There was so much I didn’t cover though. I could have reviewed the films Dirty Harry or Bullitt, both of which had a main character inspired by Dave Toschi, the San Francisco Police Detective who investigated the murder of Paul Stine. Or, “This is the Zodiac Speaking,” a quirky short story by Chuck Klosterman. Or, “Zodiac Code: Solved! The Confessions of the Zodiac,” by Michael D. Sechrest. Or, “This is the Zodiac Speaking: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer,” by Michael D. Kelleher and David Van Nuys. The amount of Zodiac related material is daunting. At least it felt that way as I first began planning my approach to this particular serial killer.

I cannot emphasize what a rewarding journey it has been so far. I’ve been moved by the tragic murders of innocent victims and the pain endured by their family and friends. I’ve been awed by the true crime community and thrilled to interact with genuinely like-minded people over social media (the amount of quality podcasts and blogs out there is staggering). In a very real way, I wish this blog did not exist, in that I wish serial killers did not exist and I wish true crime did not exist. Instead of looking away though, I have chosen to inform myself while shedding light on stories that need telling, evaluating criminals, their crimes, and the investigations, all the while as I dig deeper into the culture that has surrounded the true crime phenomenon.

Most importantly, I need to send a huge THANK YOU to all who have joined me!

In the following weeks, I’ll be providing some one-off blogs. I’ll be doing special book review for “A Serial Killer’s Daughter,” by Kerri Rawson, Dennis Rader’s (also known as BTK) daughter. I’ll be reviewing the cult film Peeping Tom as well as Michelle McNamara’s book, “I’ll Be Gone Before Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer.” Lastly, I will be delving into my Scream obsession by reviewing all four films. All this, before a short break to start research on my next Serial Killer series…more information to come!

Until then, feel free to catch up on my other posts in the Zodiac series, or catch me on Instagram and Twitter!


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